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18th Annual BEF Waiter’s Race

August 2, 2013



WAITER’S RACE on Saturday @ 4PM

One of the most popular events of the Birmingham Ethnic Festival weekend is the Annual Waiter’s Race, which is held on Saturday afternoon of the Festival weekend. Teams from the neighborhood organizations and beyond compete in a relay race up and down Consaul Street.

Participants race down the street carrying a tray and four glasses of beer. They must try to win the race and not spill the beer. The winner is announced at the Festival’s Recognition Ceremonies Sunday by our own Waiter’s Race judge, the Honorable Amy Berling. Thank you Judge Berling for being with us since the first year!

Please come out and cheer for your favorite team! You will have a great time! This year’s race begins on the VFW end of Consaul Street.

Waiter’s Race past champions

1996 – Rumpus Room

1997  – Knights of Columbus

1998 – Tony Packo’s Restaurant

1999 – Rumpus Room/East Side Raiders

2000 – Consaul Tavern

2001 – Rumpus Room/East Side Raiders

2002 – Rumpus Room/East Side Raiders

2003 – Rumpus Room/East Side Raiders

2004 – Rumpus Room/East Side Raiders

2005 – Hungarian Club

2006 – Hungarian Club

2007 – Hungarian Club

2008 – Hungarian Club

2009 – Hungarian Club

2010 – Hungarian Club

2011 – Steelworkers

2012 – Hungarian Club

Come out and watch the Hungarian Club try to defend their title! We’ll see you in Birmingham on Saturday!

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