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Hungarian Cultural Delegation from Algy, Csongrád County, Hungary

July 16, 2014

The 2014 Birmingham Ethnic Festival Committee is proud to announce:


A 3-member cultural delegation from Csongrad County (the Sister City of Lucas County, Ohio since 1996) has been invited to Toledo, Ohio for the 40th Birmingham Ethnic Festival. Members of the delegation are from Algyo, a small town near Szeged in the Southern Plain of Hungary. Since 2002 this town has developed a successful cultural association (GYEVI-ART), bringing together talented people in a variety of cultural areas. One of their largest programs is the Parlando Choir, whose mission is to preserve the Hungarian music traditions from operettas to folk songs, as well as engage and entertain every generation from the youth to seniors in singing and music, so they can all have a meaningful and enjoyable free time activity.

Two of the senior members of the Parlando Choir were selected to participate in the Birmingham Festival: Jozsef Bakos plays the accordion and enjoys singing as well. He plays operettas, french chanson, Hungarian songs, csardas and other popular songs.

Janos Antal is a singer and he loves to sing operettas and other type of music.

They have both received recognitions and awards at different local and national competitions. Recently, Janos Antal received a Gold Medal at the national senior competition in Keszthely, Hungary. They regularly perform at festivals, community events, and small gatherings in Hungary and abroad.

Representing the folk artists Mrs. Izbéki Gabriella Cseuz will come to the U.S. She likes sewing and embroidery, knitting,
crocheting, beading etc. Her favorite fabric is the „kekfesto,” a traditional Hungarian fabric dying that is typical in the Southern Plain. She is the leader of the Quilting Club providing training and consulting, as well as arranging exhibitions. In addition, Gabriella is an educator and she is organizing summer camps and workshops for youth to teach them traditional folk arts and crafts.

She will bring and teach traditional embroidery of the South Plain „szucs himzes” that is typical in that part of Hungary. She is also bringing a small exhibition of folk art from Algyo and Csongrad County artists to create displays at various programs where they will participate in the U.S. to share the rich cultural heritage from Hungary. Gabriella will also display some of the artwork that the quilters created in her association. Gabriella is also looking forward to working with youth at different small workshops.

This will be their first visit to the U.S. and they are looking forward to meeting with Americans who are interested in learning more about the Hungarian culture. They also hope to support Hungarian-Americans and their organizations and provide programs for those who are interested to share and preserve the Hungarian heritage in the U.S. They would like to entertain and work with every generation from youth to seniors.

Their tour in the U.S. will include 3 states, visiting Toledo, Northwest Ohio, and Columbus and Lake Hope in Ohio, Detroit area in Michigan, and in Chicago, Illinois.

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