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Entertainment Schedule

July 23, 2018

August 18 – Saturday
6PM-10PM Tanchaz at Calvin United lot
7PM Waiter’s Race

August 19 – Sunday
Calvin United lot
1:00 Kodaly Ensemble of Toronto with Csipke Ensemble
1:30 Echoes of Poland
2:00 El Corazon de Mexico
2:30 Uszturu Ensemble
3:00 Bavarian Sportsclub Holzhacker Schuhplattlers
3:30 Molly’s Irish Dancers
4:00-8:00 East River Drive Band

Saint Stephen’s Church / Hungarian Club lot
12:00 Opening Ceremonies
1:00 El Corazon de Mexico
1:30 Molly’s Irish Dancers
2:00 Bavarian Sportsclub Holzhacker Schuhplattlers
2:30 Echoes of Poland
3:00 Kodaly Ensemble of Toronto with Csipke Ensemble
5:00-9:00 Tru Brew

VFW Post 4906 lot
1:00 Bavarian Sportsclub Holzhacker Schuhplattlers
2:00 Kodaly Ensemble of Toronto with Csipke Ensemble
2:30 Molly’s Irish Dancers
3:30 Echoes of Poland
4:00-6:00 Tanchaz with Uszturu Ensemble
5:00-9:00 Bobby May (inside)

*Entertainment Schedule is subject to change and additions.*


A Weekend in the Old Country

April 18, 2018

The festival will feature popular Hungarian foods including: Chicken Paprikas, Hunky Turkey (Roasted Bacon Sandwich), Stuffed Cabbage, Kolbasz / Sausage Sandwiches, Gulyas, Palacsinta (crepes), Cabbage and Noodles, Pastries and a fantastic array of other ethnic foods on Consaul Street.

The Festival will be held on Sunday, August 19th from Noon until 9:00pm. A Waiters Race followed by Tanchaz will occur on Saturday from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

On Sunday, a Recognition Ceremony will be held at 12:00 Noon on the steps of St. Stephen’s Church, beginning with a flag raising ceremony, announcement of the recipient of the Birmingham Friend of the Neighborhood Award, recognition of local and international guests, and presentation of the Beer Keg Trophy to the winner of the Waiters Race.

Ethnic dance groups will perform on the three Main Stages at the St Stephen’s / Hungarian club site, Calvin United and VFW4906 on Consaul Street.

Come join us in celebrating a Weekend in the Old Country as well as a great Toledo neighborhood tradition with great food, music, dance….and refreshments!

Road Closures

August 19, 2016

DIVISION OF TRANSPORTATION – Temporary Closure, Birmingham Ethnic Festival Activities, August 19-21

In conjunction with the annual Birmingham Ethnic festival, the following streets will be closed to vehicular traffic

  • Consaul Street from Front to Woodford (access will be maintained to Tony Packo’s parking lot and alley)
  • Bakewell Street from Consaul to Bogar
  • Bogar Street from Bakewell to Caledonia
  • Burr Street from Consaul to Esther
  • Esther Street form Front to Burr
  • Magyar Street Consaul to the southern end
  • Milford Avenue from Consaul to Minerva
  • Burger Street from Consaul to Minerva
  • Caledonia Street from Consaul to Bogar
  • Genesee from Consaul to Bogar

In addition to the above closures, parking will be prohibited on the following streets to effectively conduct the activities:

  • Consaul Street-both sides from Front to Woodford
  • Genesee both sides from Consaul to Bogar
  • Bakewell Street-both sides from Consaul to Bogar
  • Bogar Street-both sides from Bakewell to Caledonia
  • Caledonia Street-both sides from Consaul to Bogar
  • Esther Street-both sides from Front to Burr
  • Burr Street-north side from Esther to Consaul
  • West side of street leading back to tank farm off of Esther Street
  • Burger Street east side from Consaul to Minerva
  • Milford Street east side form Consaul to Minerva
  • Woodford Street west side from Consaul and Whittemore